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Stop Needless Preaching To Your Kids

My kids are on a break from school for Passover. But my #1 concern right now is not the intense cleaning, shopping, endless expenses or the cooking. My top concern right now is my how to keep quiet when the kids are getting on my nerves with everything they do and everything they don’t do. It’s because I know that my “little helpful comment” sometimes turns into a full-blown rant. On the Hebrew calendar, Passover and spring mark not only the season of national freedom for the Jewish people, but also the season of PERSONAL freedom from limitations. And in[…]

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Releasing Your Own & Your Child’s Fear And Stress With Tapping (EFT)

You know those days when the best word to describe how you feel is… YUCKY? Today you’re in for a special treat. My guest is Brad Yates, world renowned Tapping/EFT expert and featured expert in the film The Tapping Solution. He will show you how to use your fingers to lightly tap on 8 points on your body, while expressing your (or your child’s) anxiety and fears in your own words. As you tap, your negative emotions will begin to transform and the result is noticeable relief from stress and worry that is almost hard to believe… This TakeAway-packed episode[…]

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Why The Little Things in Your Parenting Routine Really Matter

When I think of my younger university days, I’m not sure what I miss more: is it the library fifth floor and the intellectual atmosphere, or the cafeteria-hopping where I mindlessly poured countless $2 coffee down my throat? For the most part, people who haven’t yet experienced parenthood–and that includes the carefree student that I was– cannot imagine HOW MUCH of our personal agenda we put aside as we raise our children. Why would they? Even I, as I was diving into the topic of this week’s episode on the “parenting challenge” of drinking your tea or coffee while it’s[…]

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Figure Out Your Current Parenting Issues—Fast

In this week’s Monday TakeAway video episode I show you how to tap into your rants about any of your current parenting challenges, so that you can boil them down to a clear one-liner. Just like the pros. It’s the kind of secret that’s like the extra key under the doormat. Now, I have to ask you, what’s the deal with that? (Or you know those people who put it in the next door neighbor’s plant? Some of them are my best friends!) It’s one of those “secrets” that everyone on the planet knows. I know where I hide my[…]

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Get Your Kids To Like Being Around You (3 Ways)

The star of today’s episode (besides you & me, of course :-)) is the timeless Little Black Dress (LBD). The secret behind its huge success will help you get your kids of any age to WANT to be around you. But let’s talk pre-teens and teenagers for a moment. If you’ve already bought into the convention that they keep to themselves and don’t talk much, and that you need to pluck your words with tweezers around them, I invite you to take another look. It’s enough to look at their interactions with their peers to realize that it’s not entirely true:[…]

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