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How Do I Find The Time To Read With 7 Kids At Home?

This week, in honor of our children’s vacation, I have two things for you: #1:  This week I’ll be giving you a glimpse into my reading habits that are—I shamelessly admit–an extreme example of pursuing your hobbies and passions while ignoring your vacationing kids, who just woke up in yesterday’s clothes. It would be a great loss, in my opinion, to let this summer vacation come and go without at least challenging yourself to read or flip through a magazine before the kids finally collapse in their beds. That’s why I broke it down for you into 3 parts—watch the[…]

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How To Improve Your Children’s Behavior Without Saying A Word To Them: Interview with Chaya Lester

Chaya Lester, today’s fabulous guest, has a lot to say about using our words to build our deepest dreams and our highest hopes. When a child acts out, Chaya says, he becomes a doorway for the whole family. Even better, you and I can prevent their acting out without saying a word to them by learning to communicate effectively with their father and/or making our relationship with our spouse our top priority. Chaya is a woman who has learned to create breakthroughs through her breakdowns. A master of words, Chaya practices and teaches honest communication. Together with her husband she[…]

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