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Do You Have To Be Grateful For EVERYTHING Your Kids Do?!

As I re-emerge out of the ashes of our most recent post, maybe meeting you in the midst of your winter break, or in the midst of your flu (or both, God bless you!), I’m still dealing with some of the issues that brought me down a couple of weeks ago. I can choose to be bitter about the way my children are disturb my peace these days, or I could be…grateful?! Which makes me think: Do we have to be grateful for everything our kids do? I don’t know if we must, but I’m collecting more and more evidence that shows that[…]

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Blame My Kids If You Want

I’m usually not a blamer. But today all I want is to point fingers at everything and everyone for my suffering. And especially at the holiday that just ended yesterday… And the carefree children who won’t go to sleep at night… The house that’s too small to contain all the kids AND their 7 sets of rain-boots… My ever-growing, now-homeless pile of reference books after I took them off the shelves to make more room for my children’s winter clothes… The kid who’s home from school too early today, eating into my quiet morning… The video that I was looking[…]

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