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My Vintage ‘Secret’ For Letting Go Of Your Children

Have you noticed this popular line people use on interviews,  memoirs, and blog posts to describe their upbringing? If they’re the lucky ones, it’s  “My parents were always there for me”. Now, especially if these writes were born before, say, 1992, you should take what they say with a grain of salt. Not that I doubt that if they said so, their mother indeed made herself available as much as she could. And I’m aware, of course, that these words are about the constant reassurance and support parents give their children, which is absolutely beautiful and desirable. But there were[…]

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Figure Out Your Current Parenting Issues—Fast

In this week’s Monday TakeAway video episode I show you how to tap into your rants about any of your current parenting challenges, so that you can boil them down to a clear one-liner. Just like the pros. It’s the kind of secret that’s like the extra key under the doormat. Now, I have to ask you, what’s the deal with that? (Or you know those people who put it in the next door neighbor’s plant? Some of them are my best friends!) It’s one of those “secrets” that everyone on the planet knows. I know where I hide my[…]

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How to Not Worry About Your Kids for One Day

5 years ago, while I was pregnant with my 6th child, I volunteered to participate in an experiment. The researchers wanted to check if there’s any correlation between the mother’s childhood traumas and the gender of a newborn, so they followed pregnant mothers from the second trimester through the baby’s birth. I didn’t last for long… On our first phone meeting, the researcher asked me whether I ever experience any anxiety. Me? I answered proudly. Not me! I believed I was telling the truth and nothing but the truth, but they knew I was in denial. I wasn’t the right[…]

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