Conversation with Best Selling Author Natalie Goldberg

It’s well into August and I feel like it’s SO intense, I’m almost losing touch with myself.

On ordinary days, when I get lost in everything I need to do and to remember, I make lists. If you’re anything like me, you’re familiar with the sense of calm that to-do lists and shopping lists can bring! When we put pen to paper- we anchor our mind-voice and in the process create space to think and notice. Something tangible to hold on to.

Putting some thoughts and memories down in writing in a “list” of sorts can do wonders for a parenting day that isn’t otherwise anchored in anything ( … such as during yet another full-house August day).

All you need is the simple instructions from today’s fascinating guest, Natalie Goldberg; a pen and paper; 5-10 minutes; and some kids fighting with each other, drawing on the walls, or hanging around in the kitchen AS you write (promiseJ).

And don’t worry about interruptions- they’re a great grounding aid for your writing ideas!

So let me tell you about my guest  on today’s interview:

Natalie Goldberg is a best‐selling author, poet, teacher and painter. She and I talk about tapping into the intensity and hardships of mothering as a tool for experiencing well‐ being and for accessing the essence of being.

In this episode, you will get permission to write about your laundry pile, instead of folding it. 

Upon my request, Natalie came up with fun, simple writing exercises  especially for… YOU, designed to wake you up to life and bring you home to yourself when your children are already sleeping or, if you’re up to the challenge, as you sit at your kitchen table while your kids are  swirling around you. Whether you like singing, baking, knitting, reading, playing the guitar or  gardening, the wisdom that Natalie imparts in this conversation from decades of practicing and  teaching writing will help you connect your passion with the energy at home.

For quick reference, here are the two exclusive exercises for UpsideDown Parenting subscribers:

  1. Tell us about chicken soup. (If your mind wanders and you end up writing about a leather shoe instead, that’s okay.) Go! 10 minutes.
  2. How do you like to play? 10 minutes. Go!

Write yourself down!

Warm (hot!!) blessings,

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