Do Your Parenting Values Fly Out The Window When Your Kids Push Your Buttons?

There are pros and cons in being a mindful-conscious-thoughtful mother.

On the one hand, you don’t let the joys of raising children pass by you unnoticed. On the other hand, you don’t let anything less-than-perfect in your own behavior towards your children go unnoticed either! All too often this results in unnecessarily harsh self-judgment and feelings of inadequacy.

(Is it only me?)

Which brings me to Leah’s question, the star of today’s episode: “How do I avoid abandoning my parenting values in the midst of the stress when my baby is crying and dinner must be prepared?”

That gives an additional meaning to the term “juggling act”.

Conscious mothers like you and me don’t just juggle home and work; marriage and children; alone time and family time. We are also very attentive to the level of alignment or nonalignment of our deepest parenting values—such as compassion and kindness—and our actual behavior when our kids push our buttons.

I’ve noticed that the struggle between the internal and the external is as prominent as the other balancing acts we tend to as women and mothers.

Being aware of it is the first step to realignment. Having some tricks under your belt for re-synchronizing with your values, as much as possible in the moment, is the second step. And I have some tips for that in today’s episode.

What I KNOW FOR SURE is that as long as you and I are here on this planet, the world and our families need our struggles whatever they may be.

I love reading your comments!:) Tell me here below-

How often do you feel that you’re aligned with your parenting values – is it rarely?  Often? Most of the time?

And what’s your biggest TakeAway from this episode?

Share with me in the comment section below.

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To your most nurturing parenting lifestyle,

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  • Thank you for the practical steps to realigning in stressful moments… and for making me feel normal for struggling with this issue!

    • Hi Sarah! I appreciate your comment and hope that feeling that you’re not alone experiencing this will make this struggle easier on you.

  • thank you Noga for your insights.
    it is so important to be aware of how our feelings and our body reaction are connected.
    and how more relaxed we can be just by focusing on breathing in stress moments and make a loving talk with your inner self.

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