How Do I Find The Time To Read With 7 Kids At Home?

This week, in honor of our children’s vacation, I have two things for you:

#1:  This week I’ll be giving you a glimpse into my reading habits that are—I shamelessly admit–an extreme example of pursuing your hobbies and passions while ignoring your vacationing kids, who just woke up in yesterday’s clothes. It would be a great loss, in my opinion, to let this summer vacation come and go without at least challenging yourself to read or flip through a magazine before the kids finally collapse in their beds. That’s why I broke it down for you into 3 parts—watch the short episode below.

#2: I recently put together the 19 Secrets that real, live mothers shared with me.

Here’s a message I got from C., mother of 4, in my inbox:

These are 19 gems and the e-book display is really well done!
And the last one had me SO LAUGH.

Thanks Noga!

It’s a great recharger for the summer, so if you haven’t yet- pick it up here. And if you have- you already know how addictive it is. Can you think of a friend who will appreciate it? Then let her in on the Secrets, too.

Go to check out the links, and until next time-

Make yourself an enjoyable summer!

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