The Conventional Parenting Model vs. UpsideDown Parenting

On today’s UpsideDown Parenting interview episode, show host Mollie Livingstone of the Voice of Israel says it best: “This [UpsideDown Parenting] isn’t so much about parenting, it’s about being YOURSELF;  this isn’t parenting advice—these are insights for finding yourself.” So what topics do we cover in this interview? * When you can’t change your child, what else you can do? * What makes the a parent’s challenges so different than “everyone else’s” challenges? * How’s UP different than the conventional parenting model? * The ONE cause of every frustration we feel in parenting (and in life) * How to boil[…]

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Dealing With Tantrums And Other Public Parenting Embarrassments—With Dignity

So, where were you when your child had their first tantrum? I remember three “firsts”: on the bus, in the open market, and at home. Each one of them varied slightly from the others, but they all had something in common: the “oh no, everyone is looking” factor. Then, one day, I was on an intercity bus with a 9 months old baby who preferred to scream over falling asleep. After quite a few minutes of extremely loud fussing, the woman I shared the space with turned to me and said in an almost admiring manner: “I see that you’re already[…]

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Why You Are My Parenting Hero!

Did you know that on the day of your birthday, you are granted the superpower of blessing others? Mazal tov! I’m 41 today, and I’m about to take advantage of this privilege. Some background before I give you my birthday blessing: I want you to know how much this mother admires your courage to have become a parent. It’s because you care so much about evolving and growing through your experience as a mother (or father!) that I know I’m not alone in looking for more in parenting than is conventionally spoken about. You don’t only inspire me, encourage me, and[…]

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Parenting Resolutions That Aren’t Just Wishful Thinking

These days I’m still very busy crawling out of the summer vacation, one of the worst summers I’ve had with my kids in a LONG time. My head’s still spinning from toilet training LY, my 3 year old, trying to make his older siblings happy as each one of them pulls in a different direction, and making sure to be home when my other son’s back from school (he started school two weeks before everyone else). I ended up napping on the couch almost every morning, after trying to fit in some time for myself when all the daily meshugas or[…]

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What’s In Your Backpack? Lipstick, Good Reads and Other Essentials For Chilled Mothering

September 1st. To say “Yay!” is an understatement. Your children’s backpacks and lunchboxes you carefully prepared are lined up next to the door—and finally, it’s now time to take care of your own equipment. Only a few days ago I stood at the office-supply store, debating which eraser to buy for their pencil cases! As if I didn’t know that they’ll lose it on the first day, or poke holes in it on the second. It’s a fresh beginning for them and I want even the eraser to resonate that. I also want to celebrate… I’m getting back my (already[…]

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