Releasing Your Own & Your Child’s Fear And Stress With Tapping (EFT)

You know those days when the best word to describe how you feel is… YUCKY?

Today you’re in for a special treat.

My guest is Brad Yates, world renowned Tapping/EFT expert and featured expert in the film The Tapping Solution.

He will show you how to use your fingers to lightly tap on 8 points on your body, while expressing your (or your child’s) anxiety and fears in your own words.

As you tap, your negative emotions will begin to transform and the result is noticeable relief from stress and worry that is almost hard to believe…

This TakeAway-packed episode includes two tap-along demonstrations that you can dive right into as you are watching. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is well versed in this technique, you will find Brad’s approach to this brilliantly simple technique refreshing and thought-provoking.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

 *What is Tapping/EFT and how it can aid you during stressful parenting situations

*How to explain Tapping to your children so that they will want to tap for emotional relief

*How to use Tapping when your child is nervous about an upcoming test

*…and when YOU are going through life’s tests

*Some helpful, simple tips to get you started

*And, of course, you can tap with us as we demonstrate Tapping on typical parenting issues.

For your convenience, we embedded in the video A FULL TRANSCRIPTION of the Tapping phrases throughout the Tapping rounds.

Brad, who is a highly sought-after teacher of  Tapping/EFT, is also the father of two teenagers. My biggest surprise from this interview was that I gained as much from his parenting wisdom as I did from his unique, child-friendly approach to Tapping.

Here’s just one example:

”The best parent is not the one who motivates their child to get the best grades; the best parent is the one who lets their kids know that they are loved, and then creates and environment for them to be more successful.”

Check it out here.

Make yourself a wonderful day!

(Tapping can help you get there more quickly! 😉


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P.S. More about Brad:

Brad ( is recognized as one of the top teachers of EFT. He has posted hundreds of instructional videos on YouTube. He has taught everyone from CEOs, professional athletes and award-winning actors to addicts. A certified, hypnotherapist, Brad was trained and certified at the respected Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California, where he served on the staff. Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book, The Wizard’s Wish, co-author of the best-seller Freedom at Your Fingertips, and appears in the film, The Tapping Solution as a featured expert.

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One Comment

  • Thank you Noga and Brad for such an insightful interview. i think every person can benefit from that and get a relief by using this natural miraculous way of healing.
    Carmella Sidi EFT practitioner. Haifa, Israel

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