The Parenting Studio Workshop


What’s your biggest parenting challenge right now?

What would you like to accomplish as a mother,

or to know how to do better in your parenting?


Whatever your parenting challenge,

I will show you exactly

How to find the perfect solutions for you and your child,

And experience real, lasting change


I’m happy to introduce you to

The Parenting Studio Workshop

Mindful parenting & self growth through your parenting challenges


The Parenting Studio Workshop includes:

A fresh perspective on parenting & real-life tools for real mothers; effective communication tools with kids of all ages; cutting-edge methods for dealing with fear when it’s so scary out there; mothering with emuna (faith); how to approach success, failure & homework; sibling rivalry; peace of mind in the midst of chaos; stopping mothering guilt in its tracks; and more effective tools and formulas

that Noga Hullman has developed for you

on every parenting topic, and for every stage of parenting

And everything is bottom-line, clear and practical

For mothers of toddlers through teenagers

But before I tell you more about what’s awaiting you at this workshop,

I want to share with you what professionals and mothers who have worked with me, attended my parenting workshops, and hired me for private consultation say about their experience:

Here’s what mothers, fathers and professionals say about working with Noga:

“Any sanity I have right now is because of spiritual tools I’ve learned from Noga Hullman.” (C. Houpt)
“I have had the pleasure of participating in both individual and group sessions of The Work with Noga and can only sing many praises[…]Noga has a loving and non-judgmental presence that creates a safe space for people to explore their beliefs and attitudes and find their own healthier, happier ways of looking at the world. She does not try to change people, but rather creates an environment conducive for people to create the change they want to see in their own lives.” (C. Mason)
Janet and NogaThis is a teacher living the teaching. That’s my favorite thing to say about someone…[Noga] downloaded this from her own experience and nothing’s better than that. It was a cosmic set-up for her to be able to share with others so that they don’t have the angst that she went through. You are just so beautifully lit, excited, happy, passionate; you’re everything I love.” (Janet Bray Attwood, author, The Passion Test)
“Before working with Noga, I wasn’t aware of how greatly my thoughts impacted my daily experiences and interactions. Noga guided me through inquiries in which I became aware of how my thoughts were preventing me from being present and at peace. Through Noga’s skillful and compassionate guidance, I have learned how to do the internal work on my own. I now have a tool with which to question thoughts that bring me stress, and find peace.” (N. Levine-Coren)


“There is so much I appreciate about Noga’s product. I love it that she developed it out of her experience and need and that it’s so close to her heart. My daughters are grown and there are no grandkids yet, but I’m excited about the value Noga’s product will provide for parents. What an awesome presenter she is. All love, (E., Passion Test Facilitator)”


“Before meeting with Noga I felt very overwhelmed as a mother, since I was jugging a full time high pressure job and being pregnant. I wanted my husband to contribute more to the household but we had very different expectations of each other and of what parenting is all about and what our roles were as a mother and a father. Noga helped us communicate with each other so that we have a better understanding of our partners’ needs. Now that we have this knowledge of our partner’s needs we can try to work towards giving them what they want. […]Definitely go for it – you won’t regret it! Noga has a great ability to tune in and connect with whomever she is working with and help them work through whatever is frustrating them. Thanks Noga!” ( F.P.)


“A wise mother sharing precious secrets for survival and wisdom!” Prof. Vera Schwarcz


“…Noga enabled me to really go inside myself. From the first moment she was charming, creative, curious, and fun… Every session we had was interesting, teaching, and going in depth into the matter at hand. In addition, Noga referred me to resources that I wasn’t aware of[…] Every session with her felt like a journey, thanks to her consistency, accuracy and full listening. There hasn’t been a dull moment!”. (N. Swisa)


“Noga is a teacher who brings together warmth, wisdom and spiritual depth of the kind that is in touch with reality… I deposit my emotions in her hands, and she knows how to truly be with me; to stay “outside” when necessary, and to go deep and ask the right question when necessary.” (Z.B. Gidron)
I enjoy your humor and appreciate the value of the content in your videos for parents. I’m so glad you’ve been posting online so that more and more families can find you.” (B.)


The Parenting Studio Workshop includes:


  • 8 structured group sessions of 2 hours each – clear and practical, with an emphasis on your growth through your unique parenting challenges.
  • BONUS GROUP SESSION for early birds: make your own reflection (vision) board, based on what you’ve learned at the workshop
  • Tackling hot parenting topics that are relevant to your success and satisfaction as a parent, such as discipline; intuition vs. expert advice; communication with kids of all ages; fear and anxiety around national security issues; working with your child’s nature; success and failure; making room for your hobbies; peace of mind no matter what
  • Mastering the 4-step process to clarity in any parenting situation you’re dealing with
  • Employing cutting-edge personal growth methods
  • Reference material for your continued personal development and confidence as a parent
  • Noga will answer your parenting and personal growth questions weekly via email throughout the workshop
  • Private workshop website where you will find bonus materials each week (you will continue to have access to this website when the workshop is over)


All sessions include:

  • worksheets so you can easily take notes
  • additional resources
  • parenting assignment of the week
  • pairing up with another member of the group for working (over the phone) on your current parenting issues—utilizing the 4-step process that you will learn
  • answering your parenting and personal development questions


1 Payment 1400 NIS
2 Payments 700 NIS each
3 Payments 467 NIS each
4 Payments 350 NIS each

  • Bonus Group Session for early birds expires Wednesday night, 20.1.16, yud shvat. make your own reflection (vision) board, based on what you’ve learned at the workshop

(bonus session day & time TBA)

Where? Near Shuk Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

When? 8 Sessions, Monday nights, starting 25.1.16 (Tu Bishvat) until 14.3.16

From: 8:30 pm -10:30 pm

What’s your investment in this workshop?

1400 NIS, payable in up to 4 monthly installments

*Payments must be made prior to first session*

Early Bird participants will get the bonus, available only upon registering and paying by Wednesday, 20.1.16


1 Payment 1400 NIS
2 Payments 700 NIS each
3 Payments 467 NIS each
4 Payments 350 NIS each

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover why and how parenting is the ultimate personal growth workshop:

Parenting provides you with opportunities to

  • experience fulfillment that doesn’t depend on your children’s cooperation.
  • learn to say honest “yes’es” and “no’s”.
  • turn your guilt feelings into progress
  • separate your title from who you really are
  • learn to express yourself more effectively and get your kids (and other people) on your side
  • learn how to get things done within limited amounts of time
  • learn how to thrive in less space
  • learn to discover and prioritize what’s really important to you
  • learn to find your endless internal well of love and compassion for others (first and foremost for your kids)
  • learn to drink your tea while it’s still hot, even when the kids are around


1 Payment 1400 NIS
2 Payments 700 NIS each
3 Payments 467 NIS each
4 Payments 350 NIS each

If have questions or are ready to REGISTER BY PHONE please call Noga at: 054-543-1520

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