Why You Are My Parenting Hero!

Did you know that on the day of your birthday, you are granted the superpower of blessing others?

Mazal tov! I’m 41 today, and I’m about to take advantage of this privilege. Some background before I give you my birthday blessing:

I want you to know how much this mother admires your courage to have become a parent. It’s because you care so much about evolving and growing through your experience as a mother (or father!) that I know I’m not alone in looking for more in parenting than is conventionally spoken about.

You don’t only inspire me, encourage me, and empower me. You’ve become my hero. And it really doesn’t matter to me whether you have one child or 9, whether you work outside your home or not, whether you’re soft-spoken with your children -or occasionally raise your voice… Your devotion to the most chaotic and unpredictable lifestyle can be matched probably only by your own parents’ commitment to you.

YOU are my hero– because at a certain point in time you decided to embark on the parenting journey to the unknown.

Don’t miss out on my birthday blessing to you. I’m sure it’ll inspire you.

Make yourself a beautiful day,

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