On Parenting, Kabbalah, and Seeing Your Child’s Soul: An Interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch

If you’re lucky—and open—your heart is occasionally touched by words that make their way to you from someone else’s heart.

And like me, you surely aim to make a heart connection with our children through our various interactions with them.

But a soul-to-soul connection with our children… what does it mean? Where does your child’s soul reside? (And yours?) Can it be touched?

This soul thing is quiet elusive…And yet, in today’s episode my guest, Rabbi Eli Deutsch and I dare you to see the unseen: your own soul, and your child’s soul.

I can’t think of a context more suitable than Kabbalah for a conversation about souls on an earthly journey.

What might seem to be a subject that has little to do with the parenting emergencies that you and I experience on a daily basic has everything to do with shaping the mindset that feeds our actions and reactions.

I also like to think of it as shaping our SOULSET (did I just coin a new word?).

Kabbalah—somewhat erroneously known as ‘Jewish Mysticism’—is made accessible and practical to parents in this intriguing conversation with author and speaker Rabbi Eliyahu (Eli) Yaakov Deutsch, speaker and author of the new book Parent by Choice: a Kabbalistic Plan for Raising Awesome and Amazing Kids.

For me it created some pretty awesome internal shifts.

Experiencing a soul connection with your kids is not theory, it’s your birthright. Please share this video with anyone who is longing for that kind of connection.  

Here’s what awaiting you on today’s Monday TakeAway:

*How do you bring Kabbalah into your parenting?

*What does it mean to be connected with your children on a soul level?

*How to develop a “good eye” that sees the soul in your child

*Reasons you may have not thought of for raising children who honor their parents

*The reason for bringing children into the world

*What does it mean that your children are a carbon copy of you?

*A Kabbalistic lesson from God—the Chief Creator—on how to handle our own human creations

We didn’t include an official invitation to leave a comment, but since this interview had a deep effect on me—deeper than I had expected—I am curious to know:

Did it open up new insights and possibilities for you as well?

Please share with me in the comment section right below.

Thank you for taking the time to read & watch,


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P.S. Here’s the link to Rabbi Eli’s book.

More on Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch:

Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov is a world-renowned speaker and author who inspires people of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at their lives through the lens of Torah and Kabbalah, by masterfully articulating abstract ideas into practical transformative teachings. Rabbi Eli currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem and spends most of his time lecturing, writing, coaching (with an emphases on couples therapy with real results in a short period of time), learning, hosting, and being with his family. His other books include Human By Choice: A Kabbalistic Path to Self Help (National Light). For more from Rabbi Eli, go to: www.getyourjewon.com

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