Why The Little Things in Your Parenting Routine Really Matter

When I think of my younger university days, I’m not sure what I miss more: is it the library fifth floor and the intellectual atmosphere, or the cafeteria-hopping where I mindlessly poured countless $2 coffee down my throat?

For the most part, people who haven’t yet experienced parenthood–and that includes the carefree student that I was– cannot imagine HOW MUCH of our personal agenda we put aside as we raise our children.

Why would they? Even I, as I was diving into the topic of this week’s episode on the “parenting challenge” of drinking your tea or coffee while it’s still hot, did not expect it be as charged a topic as it turned out to be.

Are you also tired of sitting down to a cold drink or meal after you’ve taken care of everyone’s requests and spills?

I was.

It can sometimes really feel like Mission: Impossible, even for seasoned mothers.

(Thankfully, it’s also a wonderful excuse to revisit that show’s wonderful music, as I do on this video;). )

Honestly, Some of our biggest parenting dilemmas and pain are encapsulated in this mug, especially in the early years. For example, will my kids feel neglected if I insist on taking a 10 minute coffee break in the afternoon, without interruptions?  Am I okay to claim some of my freedom and personal space, or should I be completely selfless as a mother?

So in today’s video I invite you to reclaim some of your carefree-ness via a good cup of your favorite drink—while your children are there doing their thing. I also give you some practical tips for making that happen daily.

Plus I give you some hints on stirring peace of mind into the little things in your life.

It’s a great exercise in experiencing peace of mind in the midst of an intense reality with your children. If you can do that, I bet you can survive anything.:)

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