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Do Your Parenting Values Fly Out The Window When Your Kids Push Your Buttons?

There are pros and cons in being a mindful-conscious-thoughtful mother. On the one hand, you don’t let the joys of raising children pass by you unnoticed. On the other hand, you don’t let anything less-than-perfect in your own behavior towards your children go unnoticed either! All too often this results in unnecessarily harsh self-judgment and feelings of inadequacy. (Is it only me?) Which brings me to Leah’s question, the star of today’s episode: “How do I avoid abandoning my parenting values in the midst of the stress when my baby is crying and dinner must be prepared?” That gives an[…]

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Would You Nominate Yourself As Mother Of The Year?

This week I’m responding to a parenting question that really touched me. First of all, because it was sent in by a father. And second, because he describes the pain of not being able to help his children when they cry—a situation moms are so familiar with as well—that is the cause of feelings of guilt and incompetence. But let me ask you: if you’re in the midst of a challenging parenting situation, and you feel helpless, and you look helpless, are you really helpless? Wouldn’t parenting feel different if you stopped believing that you don’t know what to do?[…]

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