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On Parenting, Kabbalah, and Seeing Your Child’s Soul: An Interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch

If you’re lucky—and open—your heart is occasionally touched by words that make their way to you from someone else’s heart. And like me, you surely aim to make a heart connection with our children through our various interactions with them. But a soul-to-soul connection with our children… what does it mean? Where does your child’s soul reside? (And yours?) Can it be touched? This soul thing is quiet elusive…And yet, in today’s episode my guest, Rabbi Eli Deutsch and I dare you to see the unseen: your own soul, and your child’s soul. I can’t think of a context more[…]

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Parenting Guilt? Make Mistakes And Be A Great Mother Too!

I don’t believe anyone can promise you a guilt-free parenting trip. But I can help you land on your feet, no matter what you’re going through internally when you feel you’ve wronged your kids. See how on today’s episode. My own first (and unforgettable) taste of mothering guilt took place when Alma, my oldest, was 18 months old. That afternoon, I buckled her in her high chair, and festively presented her with the large stringing beads I had bought that day. “I’ll first show you how what to do with the beads”, I announced to Alma, “and then you will do[…]

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