Noga Hullman
has been reading books on parenting and self-growth since she was 16 years old, a decade before she had her first child. She is now the proud–though still somewhat unprepared :)– mother of 7 children. In her frustration with not finding enough time to reflect on her own inner growth as her family was growing, Noga had eventually come to the realization that her children are the best– and most reliable– source of triggers and opportunities for her own deep personal transformation.

Noga has over 20 years of informal teaching experience, first as a licensed tour guide and later as a workshop presenter of The Work of Byron Katie and EFT\Tapping. She shares her insights and practical tools on her website. In her unique approach she combines her extensive parenting experience together with today’s cutting-edge personal growth methods, as well as nuggets of ancient and modern Jewish wisdom.

She likes to refer to her website as “the place where parenting meets personal growth”. She teaches parents how they can go from surviving to thriving every time their kids push their buttons with her 4-Step process, called the “UpsideDown Parenting Journal Entry”.

Noga is a graduate student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a licensed EFT (Tapping) practitioner. She lives with her husband and children in their Hasidic home in Jerusalem, Israel.

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