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Interview: Shelly Lefkoe & Noga Hullman Discuss The Ways We Make Our Kids Feel Unimportant And How To Reverse It

The joke I heard this week was very timely and worth retelling: a genie paid a visit to a young mother, in honor of Mother’s Day. “You’ve been working so hard”, he told her, “Ask for anything you want, and it shall be granted.” “I would like my husband to look only at me!” the woman said. …So the genie turned her into an iPad. If you share my fear, that this insightful genie may turn your children into a Smartphone next “Children’s Day”, today’s episode with veteran parenting expert Shelly Lefkoe is a must-watch for you. Now, before you roll your[…]

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Releasing Your Own & Your Child’s Fear And Stress With Tapping (EFT)

You know those days when the best word to describe how you feel is… YUCKY? Today you’re in for a special treat. My guest is Brad Yates, world renowned Tapping/EFT expert and featured expert in the film The Tapping Solution. He will show you how to use your fingers to lightly tap on 8 points on your body, while expressing your (or your child’s) anxiety and fears in your own words. As you tap, your negative emotions will begin to transform and the result is noticeable relief from stress and worry that is almost hard to believe… This TakeAway-packed episode[…]

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[Interview] How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

Ever heard of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk? It was one of the treasures I came across as a teenager, when I discovered the psychology/self help shelf at the bookstore one day on the way back home from school. It was the late 80s, and Hebrew literature in this field was almost non-existent. While in America every other person had a shrink, the idea of going to therapy was frowned upon by Israeli society which was still somewhat busy toughening itself only a few decades after the Holocaust. But I was in love; absolutely[…]

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