Figure Out Your Current Parenting Issues—Fast

In this week’s Monday TakeAway video episode I show you how to tap into your rants about any of your current parenting challenges, so that you can boil them down to a clear one-liner. Just like the pros.

It’s the kind of secret that’s like the extra key under the doormat.

Now, I have to ask you, what’s the deal with that? (Or you know those people who put it in the next door neighbor’s plant? Some of them are my best friends!)

It’s one of those “secrets” that everyone on the planet knows. I know where I hide my key; you know where I hide it. And the thief knows, too.

I’m about to take you by the hand and show you where to find the key that will put an end to 50% of your stress around a parenting issues.

It’s what personal-growth professionals and innovators of today’s cutting edge methods in the field of personal transformation have discovered “under the doormat”. It’s that simple and that crucial for making our parenting more focused.

As opposed to the house key, most people on this planet, including most mindful parents, are completely unaware of this secret.

One of the benefits that parents hope to gain when they pay a parenting expert is—clarity. They come into the meeting feeling like their world is falling apart, and when the session goes well, they emerge from the room with a clear picture of (a) the problem and (b) the possibilities. Their world is back in order.

And when our private world is back in order, a sense of peace follows.

What if I told you that you don’t necessarily need years of formal training and experience in order to reach that desired clarity on your own?

I want to let you in on this secret because I believe that it will change the way your approach your parenting problems, in a way you probably didn’t think possible.

It did for me.

Want to try it out? Then without further ado, watch today’s episode:

The purpose of this episode is to empower you, so make sure to make it your own by taking action.

So what I invite you to do now, is to

  1. Think about one of your current parenting issues.
  2. Boil it down to one line.
  3. Write your one-liner here in the comments.

If you have a hard time putting your finger on that one-liner, I am here to help. Just give me a clear description of your issue in the comments on the blog.

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P.S. This is a taste of the 4-step UpsideDown Parenting Process. More coming soon.

P.P.S. Since the official launch of UP, we’ve put up 6 videos full of inspiring, practical parenting & personal growth content! Hurray!! I’d like to thank you for being with me so far.

If you would like me to focus on your current parenting issue on one of the upcoming Monday TakeAway episodes, then hit Reply and tell me:

  1. What are you struggling with?
  2. What parenting/personal growth topics would you like me to talk about?

I respond to every email I get.

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