Stop Needless Preaching To Your Kids

My kids are on a break from school for Passover.

But my #1 concern right now is not the intense cleaning, shopping, endless expenses or the cooking.

My top concern right now is my how to keep quiet when the kids are getting on my nerves with everything they do and everything they don’t do.

It’s because I know that my “little helpful comment” sometimes turns into a full-blown rant.

On the Hebrew calendar, Passover and spring mark not only the season of national freedom for the Jewish people, but also the season of PERSONAL freedom from limitations.

And in a world where freedom of expression gets such so much attention, the freedom to choose what NOT to express should be as important.

If you share this concern with me, today’s episode is just for you.

You see, at the end of the day it all boils down to this question:

Is what I’m about to say now adding value to my child?

So the three quotes—or principles—that  I’m about to share with you are my personal reminders to keep quiet when I just know that what I’m about to say is either counterproductive or, worse, will make my children feel unworthy.

But when you have something to say that you believe your son or daughter needs to hear—how do you know the difference between talk that will make them feel small and unimportant, and the talk that is necessary for their growth?

When you’re debating whether “to say or not to say”—THIS is the answer.

Now, after you’ve watched the episode, make this your own. Go to the comment section and tell me:

How do you overcome the urge to preach to your children?

And what do you do when you know that you’re speaking out of fear?

May we all be able to make the best out of this time with our families.

Warm spring blessings!

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