Do You Have To Be Grateful For EVERYTHING Your Kids Do?!

As I re-emerge out of the ashes of our most recent post, maybe meeting you in the midst of your winter break, or in the midst of your flu (or both, God bless you!), I’m still dealing with some of the issues that brought me down a couple of weeks ago.

I can choose to be bitter about the way my children are disturb my peace these days, or I could be…grateful?!

Which makes me think:

Do we have to be grateful for everything our kids do?

I don’t know if we must, but I’m collecting more and more evidence that shows that it’s possible.

And I’d like to believe that what’s possible for me is available to every mother.

When my husband and I were younger, we merited to have a neighbor, Alan, who soon turned into a close friend. I was impressed by his personal integrity from the day we met.

So why was I so moved by the way he handled the loss of his valuables to a local robber who broke into his house one day?

As the full story unfolds in today’s episode about Alan’s bizarre gratitude practice, you will understand why his reaction shocked my system.

And why I just had to find a way to enrich my parenting experience through it.   

To this day, my wonder and admiration for him is trumped only by the wonder at the fact that Alan didn’t remember any of all I’m going to tell you today!

Whether gratitude is already part of your life—perhaps especially if that’s the case—or not, let Alan’s practice open your mind and heart to the possibility that it’s all good, after all.

With gratitude and wonder,

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