Who Else is Sucking Your Energy? KonMarie for Mothers (part 2)

I don’t want to freak you out, but Toy Story, it turns out, may be happening in your children’s nursery as you’re reading this.

But first–do you ever think about what it is that makes you want to declutter your home?

Why is Marie Kondo–who’s viral book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” inspired the last two UP episodes–so, so popular?

I’ve given some thought to this question, and–while the reasons are many–the bottom line, and without any fluff, is that I declutter because it makes me feel good.

That’s my shtick–I put a lot of emphasis on discovering the things that make me feel good, because, in the long run, it’s either being good to myself–or mothering burnout.

And also because I want to squeeze everything I can out of my mothering years–and that involves all the personal–and life–lessons I can gain from the endless hours of cleaning up after everyone.

It makes me feel good to have direct contact with my home and its contents through all five senses.

Isn’t it the same for everyone?

It’s the signature smell that hits you every time you enter home; feeling the fabric of the couch you so carefully handpicked; the sound of clinging pots coming from the kitchen; deriving pleasure from looking at the art we chose to put on the wall…

And on this short episode, your sixth sense is called upon to join the party as you go through your things, and more specifically:

why the objects you own are not as innocent and “quiet” as they appear (think Woody and Buzz Lightyear…);

what does your stuff want from you, and how does it suck your energy?;

and finally,

how decluttering your home (and following your senses) generates more time for you.

I hope this creates a new–perhaps more lively (-; relationship with your belongings.


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P.S. Following the first episode in the KonMarie series, I received an insightful, personal response from a UP subscriber, which we added to the post as a postscript, with her consent. You can read it here (just scroll down below my signature. )

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Episode TakeAways:

  • “All the things you own share the desire to be of use to you.” (Marie Kondo)
  • “chafatsim chafetsim”– objects want something from you, they don’t just sit there…
  • A tidier space frees you to focus on other things you’d like to do.

Links from the episode:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up/ Marie Kondo

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