The Conventional Parenting Model vs. UpsideDown Parenting

On today’s UpsideDown Parenting interview episode, show host Mollie Livingstone of the Voice of Israel says it best:

“This [UpsideDown Parenting] isn’t so much about parenting, it’s about being YOURSELF;  this isn’t parenting advice—these are insights for finding yourself.”

So what topics do we cover in this interview?

* When you can’t change your child, what else you can do?

* What makes the a parent’s challenges so different than “everyone else’s” challenges?

* How’s UP different than the conventional parenting model?

* The ONE cause of every frustration we feel in parenting (and in life)

* How to boil our parenting issue into one, clear WANT

*Introduction to the 4-step map to parenting clarity and solutions

* What parenting advice I had for mother—and why I ended up doing it myself

And when Molly asked me why I started reading parenting books when I was still in high school, I was surprised by my own answer!

As time goes by since the launching of UpsideDown Parenting, mothers (and fathers, too!) have been telling me how much this outside-the-box parenting approach has been intriguing and empowering them.  We are turning the conventional parenting method on its head.

I truly believe that together—you and I– we can give parenting conversation a long-overdue facelift: instead of attempting to change our child every time he pushes our buttons, it’s time to learn to seize the opportunity to look inside ourselves and the inner work that we have left to do, while becoming more responsible, reliable, and reliant parents in the process.

(Why look elsewhere for personal transformation workshops when our children provide the most intense one between our four walls… and for free?)

In fact, judging by the dilemmas mothers have been sharing with me, as well as invitations by the media, parents are thirsty for a fresh look at their daily challenges at home. Just like I was 5 years ago, just as I was ready to succumb to my nerve wrecking parenting—and personal– reality and accept that that was as good as it gets.

Yes, the time is soooooooo ripe for this change! Whether you’re already a veteran subscriber or you’ve just us recently, I want to thank you for being here with me at the front line of the transformation of mothers’ parenting experience; for following the UpsideDown Parenting vlog, and all the more so if you’ve spread the word ever sent me an email, shared our videos or  our PDF of Mothering Secrets, or told your friends about our   empowering parenting materials…  ! 🙂

To changes that make us the mothers we dream of being,



P.S. JFor the second part of this interview, click here

P.S. Note: As it goes on the radio, there wasn’t much time to flesh out the demonstration of the 4-step process.  So I’d like to invite you to see what this incredible tool is all about at The Parenting Studio,  as I employ it for solving my family bedtime issues.

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