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Got Preschoolers or Multi-aged Kids? We Made This Q&A Video with You in Mind

As an insider, I’m giving you direct access today to a special video that was initially accessible only following signup. It’s a practical and really interesting Q&A&B conversation I had with my friend Dalit Rosin, founder of the Facebook group Brand New Mamas. (The b stands for “baby”,  Dalit’s sweet newborn whom you’ll meet in the video). Click here to download the wonderful, at-a-glance summary that accompanies this video. It’s mamesh the perfect watch for vacation time (even if you don’t consider yourself brand new anymore), because we answer questions such as- *“When your kids whine in an attempt to get[…]

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The Conventional Parenting Model vs. UpsideDown Parenting

On today’s UpsideDown Parenting interview episode, show host Mollie Livingstone of the Voice of Israel says it best: “This [UpsideDown Parenting] isn’t so much about parenting, it’s about being YOURSELF;  this isn’t parenting advice—these are insights for finding yourself.” So what topics do we cover in this interview? * When you can’t change your child, what else you can do? * What makes the a parent’s challenges so different than “everyone else’s” challenges? * How’s UP different than the conventional parenting model? * The ONE cause of every frustration we feel in parenting (and in life) * How to boil[…]

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Conversation with Best Selling Author Natalie Goldberg

It’s well into August and I feel like it’s SO intense, I’m almost losing touch with myself. On ordinary days, when I get lost in everything I need to do and to remember, I make lists. If you’re anything like me, you’re familiar with the sense of calm that to-do lists and shopping lists can bring! When we put pen to paper- we anchor our mind-voice and in the process create space to think and notice. Something tangible to hold on to. Putting some thoughts and memories down in writing in a “list” of sorts can do wonders for a[…]

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How To Improve Your Children’s Behavior Without Saying A Word To Them: Interview with Chaya Lester

Chaya Lester, today’s fabulous guest, has a lot to say about using our words to build our deepest dreams and our highest hopes. When a child acts out, Chaya says, he becomes a doorway for the whole family. Even better, you and I can prevent their acting out without saying a word to them by learning to communicate effectively with their father and/or making our relationship with our spouse our top priority. Chaya is a woman who has learned to create breakthroughs through her breakdowns. A master of words, Chaya practices and teaches honest communication. Together with her husband she[…]

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On Parenting, Kabbalah, and Seeing Your Child’s Soul: An Interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch

If you’re lucky—and open—your heart is occasionally touched by words that make their way to you from someone else’s heart. And like me, you surely aim to make a heart connection with our children through our various interactions with them. But a soul-to-soul connection with our children… what does it mean? Where does your child’s soul reside? (And yours?) Can it be touched? This soul thing is quiet elusive…And yet, in today’s episode my guest, Rabbi Eli Deutsch and I dare you to see the unseen: your own soul, and your child’s soul. I can’t think of a context more[…]

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