How To Improve Your Children’s Behavior Without Saying A Word To Them: Interview with Chaya Lester

Chaya Lester, today’s fabulous guest, has a lot to say about using our words to build our deepest dreams and our highest hopes.

When a child acts out, Chaya says, he becomes a doorway for the whole family. Even better, you and I can prevent their acting out without saying a word to them by learning to communicate effectively with their father and/or making our relationship with our spouse our top priority.

Chaya is a woman who has learned to create breakthroughs through her breakdowns. A master of words, Chaya practices and teaches honest communication.

Together with her husband she leads workshops and 1:1 therapy for individuals and couples at the center they founded (, in which she helps couples uncover the positive value that is at the core of every annoyance.

Whether you are in a happy relationship, or wanting to have one with your spouse or with your child’s father — Chaya will show you how to work with what you have, “and change will happen from there”.

In fact, as Chaya points out, when you are in touch with your emotions, you create a pathway for the significant people in your life.

Here are some highlights from today’s interview:

*How to let your relationship pains show you what you want most

*Tips for using your words effectively when you want to criticize your spouse

*The list that you and your spouse should have on the fridge

*3 steps to honoring your values as a spouse and as an individual

*How children who act out help you work on your relationship

*…and how to improve your children’s behavior without saying a word to them


Insights on having fun in God’s playground; letting your emotions guide you; and effectively filling in the blank in “I feel __________” statements.


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